Go beyond the molecule. Digitalize the Chemical industry

Digital can give chemical companies the power to unlock a new value by reducing the cost to serve, improving pricing, and for fast movers, capturing growth from competitors. More than 50 percent of Chemical enterprises lack a digital transformation roadmap or a strategy.

Digital can give the industry a power to tap into new value pools and capture growth. A digital transformation is a business priority and not an IT project. Only when companies will adapt to this transformation and expose themselves to change is when they can transform the business for better.

But the question arises as to how can digital marketing transform the Chemical Industry?

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Importance of ERP for the Pharmaceutical market

The Pharmaceutical industry has been witnessing a phenomenal growth in recent years driven by the rising demand levels and strong demand from export markets. Constant and sudden changing healthcare market conditions force Pharmaceutical companies to react quickly and flexibly to stay competitive, as the unsaid rule of any industry is to adapt and respond quickly as and when the market changes.

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10 python blogs worth following

Hi there fellow programmers. I remember those days when i started learning python. I was always eager to find new blogs about python but found just a handful of them. This is one of the reason i started this blog. To spread my knowledge about python to other fellow coders. Today i am going to try to provide you 10 links to different python blogs that are worth following. By that i mean they are regularly updated and have useful info. So here’s the list:
1. The first one is Planet python undoubtedly one of the most famous python blogs out there. Go check it out. I hope you will find it helpful. It was last updated today.

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Best Front-end Development Blogs You Should Follow

The web is changing rapidly and constantly. If you are a Front-end developer, you probably know that you should keep up to date (hope so!) and stay close to new tools, trends, and workflows. Every important thing you can find on the Internet. But watch out, it is full of garbages! What are the best blogs about Front-end technology?
Hundreds of posts and articles are published every day. It's a mess and you will go crazy! Reading them all is impossible. Actually, no all of them are worth to read. This is the reason why I've asked Merixstudio's folks for pointing out the best tech blogs about front-end development that are worth reading and following, and we've put together the best sources of news and trends in the web development world.
I've already published the piece about most influential blogs focused on technology and web development in general. This time I'll dwell on cool front-end sources (the order of the websites is random).

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