Hi there fellow programmers. I remember those days when I was learning python. I was eager to read blogs to learn better, but found just a handful of them.
Hence this blog with the top 10 links of different python blogs that are worth following, they are regularly updates and have the right information.

10 python blogs

  1. Planet Python, undoubtedly one of the most known python blogs out there. Have a look.
  2. Lucumr, the home for a developers of flask (a python micro web framework).
  3. Love-python. I don't know how I stumbled over it but I really like this blog as it has a lot of useful info and code snippets.
  4. The fourth blog is of Doug Hellmann. He is the one man behind PYMOTW (Python Module of The Week). This blog covers a lot of python libraries. If you are searching for this is the right place.
  5. Coder Who Says Py, although not regularly updated, you will find a lot of helpful info here.
  6. Effbot, it has a lot of information that is helpful such as code snippets and a lot of other things you can expect out of a python blog.
  7. ‘Two Scoops of Django’ by Pydanny. This focuses on Django but a lot can be learned from this blog.
  8. Al Sweigat, has written numerous python books, his latest book is "Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python".
  9. One of the most useful blogs is Mouse Vs Python, from my personal experience, this got me up to speed with my learning.
  10. The last but not the least, is the one you are currently at, your complete guide to python.

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