As a business owner, you know far to well how running a business is not only about developing an excellent product/service and selling it. Behind this simple process of creating and marketing lies hidden maze of multiple operational facets that can leave you with no time left to think about what lies ahead for your business.

Looks :

While it is extremely necessary to have a brilliant product/service to offer, it can only be optimised to serve even better when every aspect of it’s operations and core processes are in synchronisation. So far, you might be using multiple applications to carry out every step of your operational functionalities or maybe, you are still juggling N numbers of books and diaries to manage your procedures. To top on this, you need to keep track of sales reports, HR complaints, payment reminders, shipment delays and huge number of other company processes that eat away a huge chunk of your day to day time which you would be better off using to grow your business.

To tackle all this issues and save you the world’s most precious resource: TIME; we would like to introduce you to the world of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), as the name suggests is a business process optimisation (BPM) software that will help you to establish an automated system which will manage your business operations and back office procedures related to technology, services and human resources.

Imagine a software that will do all the following for you without having to shift from one interface to another:

  1. Financial Management
  2. Supply chain Management
  3. Operations Management
  4. Customer Relationship Management
  5. Project Management
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Business Intelligence

Sounds like a brilliant Idea?

We have all of the above features integrated into one software which we call ERP.

Here’s the DEAL:

ERP’s are here to help and they are going to take over most of your workload on themselves; leaving you plenty of time to grow and prosper. ERP provides you with a single application interface to collect and organise data from various departments of a business processing to provide a smooth and coherent system where everything is precisely organised and easy to interact with. Approaching ERP with open arms can help a company/business standardise and automate its business operations to improve efficiency and remove loopholes. In addition to saving time, efforts and money, an integrated approach towards business management ensures that everyone in your organisation is working with the same data and watching operations proceed step by step.

ERP software typically consists of multiple Enterprise Software modules integrated into a single screen which till recent times were needed to be bought separately and held their own separate databases. As the ERP’s are gaining traction in today’s market, companies are coming up with innovative designs and interactive interfaces to help business managers have a easy day at field. The basic goal of using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is providing a central database for all information that is shared by various managers at different levels of the business operations to improve the flow of data and actions across the organisation.

Why should you be interested in our ERP solution?

Tecture Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has brought you an opportunity to get a custom designed ERP system installed at your workplace which is not just any generic ERP but is a solution that has been tailored just for you.

While most of the ERP’s available in the market focus on a pre-defined set of operations and processing, we have the ability to design a workflow that is best suited for your plan of business and help you take better business decisions with it’s inbuilt algorithms and intelligence.

We have built a ERP that makes use of Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn as it works to automate your day-to-day functionalities so that you don’t have to perform the same tasks every day. With a click of a button, our ERP will learn what it needs to perform on a daily basis and have the workflow ready for you to execute. Our BI algorithms will provide you with insightful reports that will help you plan your resources and strategies to perform better as an organisation and in turn make you more profits.

Tecture ERP come with following features to make your life simpler and your business better:

  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. Point of Sale (POS)
  3. Cash Management System
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Sales and Purchase Order Management
  6. Stock Management
  7. Discount and Sale Management
  8. Accounting
  9. Barcode Managemt
  10. Credit Management
  11. Theft, Defect, Expired Stock Management
  12. Logistics System
  13. Customer Relationship Management
  14. Payment Reminders
  15. Human Resource Management
  16. Sales Reporting and Analytics
  17. Business Intelligence Reports
  18. Manufacturing Management

How will ERP help your business grow multifold?

  1. Greater visibility in all areas of operations (daily operations to a strategic decision level)
  2. Insight into production, inventory and financial data helps in identifying opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.
  3. Compiled view of key business indicators, facilitating faster and more accurate management decisions.
  4. Improve operation's alignment with strategic plans.
  5. Let the business work as per the strategic plans.
  6. Early warning signals, access to the right information in real time.
  7. Track opportunities, and react just in time.
  8. Better alignment of resources and organisational objectives.
  9. Improved Inventory management.
  10. Generate faster and higher ROI

Ready to take the big leap?

Reach us today to change the way your business works and save yourself from hectic workload to give way to bigger ideas and better opportunities.

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